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For years, Srinagar has been the capital of the Garhwal kingdom till the arrival of the British. It was also devastated twice by two earthquakes that swept the twon completely. Srinagar was rebuilt by the British during 1897-99 and was given the urban status in 1931. Today, Srinagar is an important center if learning and culture. It is home to the HNB Garhwal University or the Garhwal University as it was known formerly.

Mythology of Srinagar Srinagar derives its name from Sri Yantra, an evil and mythical giant rock. It was believed that anyone who set his eyes on the rock would die immediately. It is said that the rock was responsible for taking thousand lives before the intervention of Adi Shankaracharya.

In the 8th century AD, Adi Shankaracharya took upon a journey across India to rejuvenate Hindu religion all over India. He visited Srinagar and turned the rock Sri Yantra upside down and hurled it in the nearby Alakananda.

Places to Visit :

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