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S.No. Do's Don't
1 Prior Hotel Bookings is a must.

Don't throw wrappers of chocolates etc on road or in the forest trek during journey, better to use dustbins if possible otherwise keep it in your pocket and throw when you find dustbin.
2 While on high altitude, eat only what is cooked over there.
Don't overstrain on steep gradients.
3 Carry sufficient heavy woolens clothes including sweaters, woolen thermal body warmers, trousers, monkey caps, mufflers and any other cold fighting apparel. Also wind sheeters, raincoats, sleeping bags, blankets, water proof shoes with sufficient grips, small water proof tents, torch with sufficient batteries and walking sticks should also be carried. Ladies are advised to wear body hugging clothing like Salwar Kamiz, pants, etc instead of sarees.
Places where warning signs are fixed should not be used for relaxation.
Cover your head with Monkey cap or any other woolen clothes while on high altitude to avoid hill-sickness, giddiness etc., at Badrinath,
Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri.
Don't break traffic discipline.
5 Carry dry eatable stocks with you like biscuits, Sugar, Candies, Chocolates, milk powder, assorted dry fruits, honey, lemons and tinned foods and other items suiting your palates. Also carry Water bottle, spoons, tumblers, saucers and plates.
Heavy jewellery should be avoided during journey.
Trek only on hill-side, avoid trekking or standing on valley side, as pony (horse) coming from opposite direction may push you down to the valley which may cause serious casualty.
Don't try to wash hands/ clothes/ bath in the rivers on the way.
7 Only registered pony walla, porter, dandy man may be hired as they are available for prefixed tariffs. Alcohol is strictly prohibited
To avoid inconvenience, ponies carrying luggage and eatables should remain with you all the time. At no point of time should you should not get out of touch with them at any point of time. While carrying your luggage through the porters tie it properly as to avoid any loss of luggage
Never overtake the overtaking vehicle.
While on trekking, trek in one motion (Slow step), avoid any
competition.Maintain discipline. Move slowly and steadily, as this is a laborious pilgrimage.
Never drive an overloaded vehicle
10 Instructions of Yatra officer should be strictly followed. Respect customs of locals Don't compete with local vehicles / drivers while driving. They know the terrain very well.
11 Tap-Water is available at every place, use only tap-water or boiled water can be obtained from local chatty (tea-shop) during on trekking.  
12 You should Carry sufficient money to pay for your personal expenses during the journey.

13 It is always advisable to carry your own personal medical kit and First aid kit containing Ointment or any painkiller tablet, Bandage, Antiseptic Ointment, Any other medicine prescribed by your doctor if you have B.P or any other problems

14 Put sweet candid in the mouth, use electrol / glucose in water while trekking.  
While hiring pony /
doli /local laborer if tea/meals if offered to them, they provide better services or take more care of you.

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